Too Cute

Coco ReadingIt’s been some time since I’ve shared any doggie pictures (must be that too busy working thing!)  Anyway…one of the things I’m working on at school is working with a friend on recreating the big course he is responsible for.  There’s a lot to redoing the course…not just rewriting the content but he has decided to use what is called an ‘open source’ textbook meaning we can take this textbook and edit all we want…take out parts we don’t want, add in things we do, rearrange the material.  It’s a good book…just needs some tweaking to get it to align with the course we are designing.  Anyway…I decided I REALLY needed to sit down and start my edit of the book…spent most of last week doing that (am ALMOST finished!).  Anyway…I know…long story but I had to explain this picture!

Coco was feeling a bit neglected.  Okay, if it’s been an hour and no one has snuggled or petted him…he is extremely neglected.  So I’m reading this book and he jumps up in my lap and I get this picture.  I think this is the CUTEST picture EVER of my little wookie!  He looks like he is soooo concentrating on reading!

So…just a little smile to brighten up your day!


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