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In August of 1999, I went to my first Stampin’ Up! workshop.  I had been a stamper for 3-4 years prior to then but this was my first introduction to a company a would join just a month later.  Since I was already a stamper, as I was going through the catalog I was immediately drawn to the fact that the ink, paper, and marker all went together!  WOW….how cool was that?  Then the images were sold in sets so you didn’t have to find one thing here and one thing there and a third thing over there trying to get things to coordinate.  I was hooked!  I went home and told my husband I was joining.  I joined the Stampin’ Up! on September 10, 1999 and I have never looked back.

One of the great things about Stampin’ Up! is that you are not ‘required’ to  join to build a business.  You can join just to support your ‘habit’ which is what I did.  Over the years I have seen my ‘business’ grow as I have met wonderful women who wanted to learn more about stamping.  Sure…no problem there!  I am fortunate to now call many of these women my friends.  That is what Stampin’ Up! is really about…building friendships.

So here it is all these years later and I am still a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and proud to say I am.  Stampin’ Up! has offered me so many opportunities over the years.  I have been a Display Maker for 3 conventions and 2 leaderships.  I have won numerous contests (FREE STAMPS!!!!) and I have presented at 2 regionals and have been a make and take helper for a regional and a convention.  It really doesn’t get more fun than that!  And one year…I EARNED A TRIP TO HAWAII for my husband and myself!  The REALLY cool part of that?  It was our 25th wedding anniversary!  How did Stampin’ Up! know?  LOL!!!

So…there are different ways to be part of this fun.  If you just want to learn more about stamping and live in the Dayton/Xenia, Ohio area, contact me to arrange a workshop or get on my email list for monthly classes.  Want to save money on the FABULOUS Stampin’ Up! products, then join my team.  As a demo you can work on building your business or just save on the products you LOVE (there is a required quarterly minimum that must be met to maintain your demonstratorship)!

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