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Coco3Well…we didn’t last very long as a one doggie house.  Poor Bandit has been so beside himself that we decided we needed to get a friend for him pretty quickly.  I will be honest…bringing home our new ball of fuzz went MUCH better than I anticipated.  It’s not love at first site but it wasn’t a snarling mess either!  So far…so good.

Coco1We went to the same rescue group (Luv4K9s) that we got Bandit from.  I had contacted them ahead of time and they had a bunch of little puppies there for us to look at.  So we sort of fell in love with this little guy.  They said he is Papillon and Poodle…I’m thinking mostly poodle.  He’s starting to settle in some.  Had his first bath and did well.  For being so new he is already playing some with toys.  Bandit is not 100% sure yet.  I VERY funny story though….we have had Bandit for 3 years (next week…on Halloween).  For ALL the baths he has had in those 3 years he has never (and I do mean NEVER) voluntarily walked down the basements stairs.  Did I mention NEVER???  So I take new puppy down for a bath and here Bandit is outside the bathroom door downstairs whining.  So very odd…he has NEVER gone down there on his own!

Oh…have had some folks ask…what’s his name?  He came to us as ‘Snooter’ from Luv4K9s and right now we are calling him Coco as he is sort of a brown color.

So…wish Bandit luck as he gets to know his new brother and for those of you coming over you’ll get to see the new ‘kid’.


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  1. You can never have too many fuzzy faces to love and your new baby looks so cuddly and precious! I hope he and Bandit bond quickly and have a blast together!

  2. Oh my Mary, he is so cute. I know Bandit will love him, especially since he will be top dog now. Do you have openings for this Thurs the 31, I am not for sure that I can make any class but I am going to try.

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