Merry Minis

SHHHHH…don’t tell…but Create with Connie and Mary are at it again!  And this time…it’s ALL ABOUT Card “Create”tions!  Want to learn more?

Isn’t this just the CUTEST little set?  Well I thought so too when I bought it.  But then (and I don’t know if you do it but this does happen to me) I let it sit there and didn’t use it!  ARRRGH!!!  I HATE when I do that!  Have you ever done that?  Okay…be truthful!  LOL!!!

So when Connie and I decided to start Card “Create”tions and do an edition with just cards in there I know right away what I was going to do!  So here is ONE of the three cards I did in my set.

Would you like to see all three of my cards, learn about Card “Create”tions AND download my project sheet give the ALL the supplies and measurements (along with individual shots) for each cards?  I thought you might.  Well, that’s easy enough.  Head on over to Create with Connie and Mary and you will see all the information about our new ‘mini subscription and get to see my other cards, download my project sheet AND sign up for our fun new subscription!


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