It is time to say ‘good-bye’

Hi everyone!  It is amazing sometimes how things change.  I had planned on retiring from my job August 15, 2026.  Yep…very specific!  I am a full professor at one of the top 12 community colleges in the country.  I am also the Simulation Technical Coordinator for our Health Sciences Division.  I always tell people I know where all the dead bodies are in our building and I know how to program them.  I have LOVED my job at the college.  The end of November my wonderful chair of 23 years (yes…I had the same boss for 23 years – how many people can say that) died unexpectedly.  I was already thinking about moving my retirement date up a year before this happened but the day I got the news I told my husband, I am retiring the end of this academic year.  THEN the school decided to offer a buy out (or in their words a voluntary separation) to us ‘old folks’.  I’m 67, have enough years in and since I had already decided to go out, the planets had aligned.  Although my last day at school will be May 6th when I turn in my grades for the term, my last official day is July 1st (which was the soonest the buy out would let me retire).

Now…most people when they retire spend more time with their hobbies.  I have been with Stampin’ Up! since September 1999 and had been stamping for probably 4 or 5 years before that.  I have other hobbies too but stamping has been my main one.  But my husband and I have decided we are going on an adventure.  Right before Christmas we put the down payment on a 28 ft 5th wheel (we had bought the truck back in November) and picked it up on March 5th.  Our cute little house will go on the market May 1st (our realtor says she will have it sold May 5th…keeping our fingers crossed on that one!) and on May 6th the estate sale people are coming in to start getting all of our belongings (except the little we are taking with us) ready for an estate sale (SOOOOOOO much better than a garage sale…beside one must have traffic on one’s street to actually have a real garage sale…we don’t).  Yes…all my stamping stuff is going up for sale!

On May 2nd we are moving into our RV full time but staying in the area to finish things up.  We will be local for 6 days then stay about an hour away for another 21 ones.  After that…we will start our adventure!  My husband and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary on June 9th!  We are starting our adventure by heading north (going to spend a lot of time exploring Wisconsin then South Dakota) then heading south for the winter!  After that…we want to explore the west coast!  How fun does that sound?  We will be joined by out sweet little Coco (a Shih Tzu Poodle mix).  Unfortunately we had to say good-bye to our sweet little Bandit in early March – that was very sad indeed!

How long will our adventure last?  We don’t know!  We just know we are going to travel the country until we decide we are done and during our travels we will find where we want to live after that.

We have decided to start an youtube channel to post our travels.  It is Rollingtalesrv – we should be up in running starting in June.  So check it out and if you want, please subscribe and follow our journey.

It has been so wonderful being part of the stamping community for so many years but it is time to say ‘good-bye’.  Thank you all for all of your kind comments over the years. Connie will be continuing on with Create with Connie and Mary but it will now be Create with Stamping Friends and the wonderfully talented Debbie Henderson will be joining her.  Please continue to follow them.

And who knows…maybe someday we will meet ‘down the road’!

Mary Brown, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator -

10 thoughts on “It is time to say ‘good-bye’”

  1. Congrats on retirement! You will be missed, but i totally understand and encourage you to enjoy every moment of every day. I know you will be happy and the adventures will be awesome!

  2. Penny Knowles

    Good morning again, today. I have just read your full story. As i indicated yesterday, I have been following your blog for a long , as I became a demo in April 1999.
    I no you will enjoy your travels. My hubby retired 23 years ago, we moved back to Fl where we had grown up, but onkly after 5 yrs moved to N Fla where we have been for 20 plus yrs.
    We made our 1st trip to Alaska in 2001, and new we were going to to back, we did in 2006, bought property, went back in 2010 built and now we spend 7 mo in Fla and 5 mo. in
    Alaska, we love our time inAlaska, AWESOME state,
    Good Luck and enjoy your travels.

  3. Best wishes on your retirement and travels. I have been following your blog for many years and you will be missed!

  4. Congrats, Mary!

    Retirement is wonderful! While my husband and I are not full timers (rv), we do rv most of the summer! I love it when we are on the road! If you haven’t looked into it, look into RPI (Resort Parks International) and Coast to Coast memberships. We pay $10 a night in very nice parks! It’s important to get the right home park and annual dues that will not go up. Our home park annual dues are $99 per year. If you have questions, contact me. Life Is Good! Have a great time!

  5. I wish you all the best, Mary! I admit I missed this post when it went live. I only clued because I saw the name change at what was ‘Create with Connie & Mary.’ I will miss your artistry, and yet the team is in good hands.

    Hope you will leave this blog up, too… at least for a while.

  6. Dear Mary,
    I/We will all miss you and your talented creativity. You have been one of my favorites since I began stamping and over the years you have taught me so much. Many thanks for sharing your talent with me and others.

  7. Linda Joan Barr

    You will be missed. I started following you in 2004 when I first started stamping. I always loved your stamping style and copied many of your projects. I hope you have a wonderful and safe adventure.

  8. Congratulations on your retirement. You were the first demonstrator’s blog I followed – your creativity will be missed. Have a blast on your new adventure!! Enjoy!!

  9. Mary, All the best in your retirement and traveling the states. I have followed your blog for many years and have enjoyed all your creations. How long will you keep this blog up? I love getting ideas off your cards. Thank you.

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