Too Cute

It’s been some time since I’ve shared any doggie pictures (must be that too busy working thing!)  Anyway…one of the things I’m working on at school is working with a friend on recreating the big course he is responsible for.  There’s a lot to redoing the course…not just rewriting the content but he has decided to use what is called …

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The Little Doggies

Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy (hehehe…just like the subjects of the picture) but I just had to give you a doggie update.  If you are new to my blog, I lost my sweet Gypsy back in October.  Bandit (the black and white dog in this picture) went into a deep depression and we were so concerned about losing …

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Fur Ball Update!

Well today Coco had his first haircut!  We decided we liked the fuzzy look and he really does like getting brushed so we decided to pretty much keep him longer.  Kandy trimmed off some of the crazy hair on the top of his head and cleaned up all the hair around his little eyes.  Speaking of eyes…his eye is looking …

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Doggie Update

It’s a wooky!  Thought I’d do a quick update on the little doggie and how things are going.  First his name is Coco because he is mostly brown. The rescue place thought that he was Papillon and Poodle but we decided he is mostly Shih Tzu and the Poodle in him is putting the kinky in his hair.  He and …

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New Family Member

Well…we didn’t last very long as a one doggie house.  Poor Bandit has been so beside himself that we decided we needed to get a friend for him pretty quickly.  I will be honest…bringing home our new ball of fuzz went MUCH better than I anticipated.  It’s not love at first site but it wasn’t a snarling mess either!  So …

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